BK6 tip 001 - Method to find ex. all persons with military connection

For a military person of any rank
(you might not yet know anything else)

1) create an internal note that never prints
in that note I put m as the only text (for unique identification)
(you might have to search captains, privates, field priest etc. out first)

2) from List, do a word search report
in Message box put m and hit Create Report

3) now pick fields to include of your choice

Every time I come across a person with any military connection,
I add such a note for later use. It is one of the rules I have
set for my database.

This method can also be applied to other types of events or titles
ex. clerical: c medals and orders; o and so on. A person that
was a priest, a captain and received a medal could have all three
criteria put in the note (that does not print)

One could also make use of the Ref. field and make a Ref number
order report, but I use the Ref field in another of my rules.

Finn Jelstrup