BK6 tips 017-eng - Method to extract all 'Top Ancestors'

I'd like to have a report of a Top Ancestor List (in German called Spitzenahnen)
Start with Ancestor -> Ancestor Custom List,
Then you make a numerical report including fields 1, 2, 32, 33, and 91.
Preview and if OK, hit File, Create TXT file and import it to a data base or spread sheet program,
for example Microsoft Excel.
Delete all records that in field 32 or 33 have a number
greater zero - what's left are your Top Ancestor.

Here is a cut from a preview (the resulting file also looks like this)

"35","199","Johanne Broerholt","352","353"
"52","2874","Christen Pallesen","2876","2877"
"53","2875","Karen Marie Nielsdatter","2900",
"54","2884","Søren Nielsen Uhrenholt",,
"55","2885","Mariane Sørensdatter",,
"56","1843","Peder Boelsmand","1847","1848"

Output example (Excel)

The marked boxes are subject for research.

Finn Jelstrup
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