BK6 hint 019-eng - Repairing certain Stat errors

When I open my database, I get the error "BKSOURPT.DT6 Read Last Stat=2"
Then the message tells me to make a backup, which I do, but next time I open,
the same error occurs. What shall I do about this error?

That one - BKSOURPT.DT6 - file is damaged.
You will need to restore it from a good copy (a backup made before the error)
If you have a good recent backup, you can restore that.
If your only good backup is older, it is possible to Restore only that one
file and not the entire database.
By doing that, you will not lose any new people you have added, but you
will only lose any new Sources you have added since the backup was made.
If you want to do that, then pick File, Restore database, and when it shows
the 9 files, use the mouse to UNcheck all the files except leave a check
for file BKSOURPT.DT6 Then when only that one is checked, pick Restore Now.
Advice given by John Steed

Finn Jelstrup