BK6 hint 022 - Find selected persons, born within a certain periode.

This sample will produce a list of female persons Walker or Hansen
that was entered as born between 1820 og 1830

From the main menu, pick Lists-> Word search report
In the name box, type walker -> clik the word 'and' so it says [or] -> hansen -> in sex, type f
In Born, type 1820==1830 -> click Make list to edit
(Notice the two equal signs between 1820 and 1830)

If you want only people where you have entered Pennsylvania in the born field,
type it in the proper box and you will get place names containing Pennsylvania

This advice is given by John Steed:
At the main screen of BK pick Lists, Word Search.
Type in the birth location field Penn or else Pennsylvania (depending on
how you entered the locations originally)
Then click at the bottom Make list to edit. It will show everyone born
in Pennsylvania.
Then do the search again and this time put Penn or Pennsylvania in the
death location field.
Do not put it in both born and died at the same time or it will be only
people who were born in Pennsylvania AND died in Pennsylvania.

Finn Jelstrup